the chase.

We are all chasing for something or even for someone. We are like runners trying to reach a certain finish line, we are like cars accelerating before the green light turns to red. 

Humans have this so called “eternal chase”, it’s either we never get contented or we simply aren’t fast enough to even just touch that certain thing or person we are chasing.

Sometimes we ask ourselves.

At what speed must we live to reach our dreams?

How much sweat do we need to perspire in order to reach our destination?

How much fat do we need to lose for someone we really like to even notice us?

I guess life is all about chasing. life is all about using time correctly.

i miss you.

where are you now?

where is that forever you promised?

fuck you.

fuck you for real.

i’m so stupid in believing that forever exists.

no matter how close two people are.

an infinite distance separates them.

do you even know

how much i miss you?

how much i love you?

how much i care for you?

it hurts. it hurts like hell!

twisted ideas


ang ganda mo.

mga mata mo’y nagniningning.

iba’t ibang kulay. 

iba’t ibang anyo.

ang labo mo.